Help From New Friends

Jehovah’s hand was not short today.  In the form of April and John he blessed our little farm with chickens, rabbits, coop decor, oil burning lamps, a pump, herbs, and knowledge galore.

We had a wonderful afternoon with this family after consulting Craigslist for Flemish Giant rabbits.  Craigslist is a blessing to the common man.

I am always amazed when I meet people that have a spirit about them that makes me want to smile and feel all warm and cozy.  You know them, the kind of people that when you leave their presence you feel greater than when you arrived.  Well, that’s the kind of people April and John are.  When we left them I was armed with knowledge of whitening our clothing, removing stains, plus everything they shared about chicken and rabbit care. They have the most wonderful chicken coop designed and built by John.  Wish I had taken a pic for this blog.  That place is so cool I’d live in it! LOL

Their son, Michael, entertained Pinky, Jay J, and Braveheart while the grown-ups were conversing.  He displayed excellent hosting skills.

King Tut from April & John

April said Pinky is beautiful and that she and Michael could date.  But, Pinky is not ready for such adventures.  Plus, we don’t “date” until we are preparing to select a marriage partner.  Still, it was nice of her to compliment the daughter.  They’d be cool family-in-laws I’ll bet.

We all had a wonderful time over their house and were welcomed to return any time!  How kind of them.  We do believe we will take them up on that offer.  We feel it would be really nice if next Spring we could pull together an appreciation gathering and share a meal with those like John, April, and Michael, who have helped us along the way.  :)

At this rate it would be a pretty large gathering because indeed Jehovah’s blessings are abounding as we go forward in putting together our little family farm.



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