We are ecstatic to be farming our own little place on the planet that we call Hip Hillbilly Farm.  Wait, we should introduce ourselves before telling you our story.  We are Lee and Lyric and we are pleased to meet you.  Lee grew up farming while Lyric was growing up in the big city.  Lee yearned to return to simple farm life and Lyric has dreamed of homesteading since 2000 when she learned how to make cold process soap and began collaborating with other soaping enthusiasts on the Internet.

We recently purchased a small piece of land and we are preparing to move onto our land this Fall.  Being so excited and wanting to share our journey we decided to blog about our experience starting now. There is so much to learn (for Lyric) and do (for us both), so stay tuned and come on our journey with us.


Lee and Lyric


2 thoughts on “About

  1. WOW! This is a great, encouraging and very positive blog about the real challenges of starting homesteading. It is so nice to see what you have been doing. I love your photos too! Keep posting and thank you for being willing to share your experiences. We’re all in this together somehow…
    4 months ago


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